Starting in the distant past

ANDREW MOORE, b.1824, is of interest as he emmigrated to Australia
Andrew and his wife Margaret had two children born on Tyneside, it's probable that their son John died in childhood as we find Margaret and her daughter
living with her parents in 1861. There were many cholera epidemics on Tyneside around this time.

We have records of both parents and their daughter travelling to Australia.
[Unassisted passengers, from Liverpool to Victoria]
Ship: 'Queen of England', arrived February 1862, Mr. A. Moore, aged 30
Ship: 'Star of Brunswick', arrived May 1862, Margaret Moore, aged 30, Isabella Moore, aged 6

There they had three more children, then, for reasons unknown, the family returned to Newcastle

It is difficult to understand why they travelled to Australia three months apart.
Their stated ages are not correct, perhaps they were younger to be more acceptable as immigrants.
Also, the shipping company distinguished between 'infants' and 'girls' so that could be a cheaper ticket

On an earlier voyage to Australia the ‘Queen of England’ took 90 days. She carried 375 passengers, 6 died on the voyage.

Living conditions at the time can be seen from the 1881 Census

Four families in one terraced house. It must have been rather overcrowding. Conditions must have been very basic.

This ROBERT MOORE, 1818-1900, a brother of Andrew, is our great, great grandfather. Described as a Pitman in the 1840's he aspired to being an Engineer in 1881

Next door to Robert at No.2 Church Street was the Dock House Inn, scene of scandal in the family in 1909.

This Robert, an undertaker, is the grandson of the above Robert

A descendant of Robert, also an undertaker, on seeing the smoke rise from the crematorium, is known to have commented;
“Custer is moving towards the Little Bighorn”

Much of the Moore family history centres around Willington Quay, Wallsend, living in Church Street, Potter Street and later Norman Terrace.
Also the Appleby family in Nelson Street.
These can be seen on a Map of 1895

"For a number of years it was my hap to live in Willington Quay on Tyneside. That is a most dingy place, of many smells and few beauties.
The unloveliness of this region depressed me at first. Its grime, its noise, its squalor, suggested a suburban hell ......"
(Hamish Hendry, Review of Reviews, 1890)

CHARLES MOORE, 1847-1915 is our great grandfather. He was a boilerman at "Paddy Edwards" Shipyard, in Howdon/Willington Quay, the company made colliers.
He and his wife Jane Ann(Wintrip) also had a fish shop and owned property in the area.

His daughter Catherine would take the pony & flat (cart) to North Shields Fish Quay to get fish for the shop

Here we have three of his daughters, Mary (Maime), Catherine (Kate) and Jane (Jenny)

Also, above, we have Mary Isabella Moore with her twin brother John Ralph Moore at their 80th birthday

WILLIAM WINTRIP MOORE, eldest son of Charles, our grandfather, is a bit of a mystery, no family tales.
He must have been a quiet, retiring sort of person. Photos & a few details on another page.

Another son ROBERT MOORE, the undertaker, is described elsewhere.

Two other sons, CHARLES and THOMAS are known to have been in the army during the First World War.
Charles in the Royal Engineers and Thomas in the Royal Artillary.

Thomas's Pension Record shows that he joined the Army in 1910, long before the Great War.
The census records also suggest that he was only 16 when he enlisted but claimed to be 18 years old.
He was in a Howitzer Brigade

He was returned home in 1916 with an inflamed or swollen knee
It was often the practice to ship home all lightly wounded/injured in hospital prior to a major offensive so as free up the maximum number of beds.
[On Sept 25th, four days before his arrival in England, the British launched a large scale assualt in the Battle of the Somme. ]

Puzzle Names:-
From the marriages of Roberts three daughters several new surnames come into the family;

Catherine married Thomas Wailes Westgarth in 1873. The Westgarth name often occurs as a middle name in later generations.

Ann married William Brown hence we have a Robert Moore Brown and a Catherine Westgarth Brown

Mary married Frederick Young, so in a later generation we have a Frederick Young Moore

From links to the Scorer family we also have Mary Scorer Moore and Charles Scorer Brown

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Territorial Force (1 year’s Service in the United Kingdom)

Attestation of ...... No.507 (Y55853) ...... THOMAS MOORE ...... 4th Northumbrian HOW BDE RFA
.... Born: Willington Quay, Wallsend ...... Age: 18 years 1 month
.... Trade: Joiner, Northumberland Shipyard
.... Reside: 1 Norman Terrace, Willington Quay
.... Apprentice: Yes, bound 5 years
.... Married: No
.... .... term of 4 years .... Territorial Forces of Durham ....
.... to serve in the 4th Northumbrian ROW BOE RFA .... (Howitzer Brigade)
Oath taken at Hebburn 12th July 1910

Medical Inspection Report
.... Name: Thomas Moore
.... Apparent age: 18 years 1 month
.... Height: 5 feet 6½ inches
.... Chest measurement
.... .... Girth when expanded: 32 inches
.... .... Range of expansion: 3½ inches
.... Vision: Normal .... Physical development: Good

Military History
.... Hebburn .... 12-7-10 to 4-8-14
.... Embodied .... 5-8-14 to 19-4-15 .... (Durham Howitzer 5th Bty)
.... Expdy .... 20-4-15 to 29-9-16
.... Home .... 30-9-16 to 30-6-17

Campaigns: Expeditionary Force .... 20-4-15 to 29-9-16

Medals: .... British War and Victory Medals
.... .... .... .... 1914-1915 Star

.... Next of Kin:- Father, Charles Moore, 1 Norman Terrace, Willington Quay

Casualty Form – Active Service
.... Rank: Gunner .... Service: 4 years from 12-7-10
.... Embarked .... Southampton .... 20-4-15
.... Disembarked .... Havre .... 21-4-15
.... Admitted to Hospital (Sprained wrist) In the field 11-6-15
.... Discharged to Duty In the field 19-6-15
.... Posted to Brigade 16-5-16
.... Admitted (ICT Knee R) 19-9-16
.... To England, (via) Antwerpen 29-9-16

.... Home Address 34 Raby Street, Cropton, Blythe
.... Next of Kin: Father Charles Moore, 1 Norman Terrace, Willington Quay
.... .... Medical Category: C III